About Us

Welcome to Cedar See Vision Center – Your Dedicated Optometry Practice in Middletown!

At Cedar See Vision Center, our entire staff is dedicated to building meaningful relationships with each patient, ensuring personalized eye care tailored to your unique needs. We take pride in being more than just an optometry practice; we are a community that values the importance of optimal eye health and quality vision.

Our Approach:

Our friendly and experienced team believes in going beyond routine eye exams. We take the time to understand you as an individual, allowing us to craft customized eye exams and treatment options. Whether you're seeking family eye care services, including eye exams for both kids and adults, vision therapy, or comprehensive eye disease management, Cedar See Vision Center is here for you.

Convenience for Middletown Residents:

Conveniently located, our practice serves Middletown residents with easy accessibility. We recognize the diverse schedules of families, and our flexible hours are designed to accommodate every family's needs.

Our Commitment:

Cedar See Vision Center is committed to creating, serving, and nurturing a patient-centered environment. Our focus extends beyond routine eye care – we aim to enhance eyesight, prioritize optimal ocular health, and empower patients to achieve a more effective and efficient visual system.

Our Mission Statement:

"At Cedar See Vision Center, our mission is to enhance a patient's quality of life by faithfully providing exceptional eye care services and treatment. We are dedicated to fostering a patient-centered environment that prioritizes optimal ocular health, all while supporting our community in achieving a more effective and efficient visual system."

Discover the Cedar See Vision Center difference – where exceptional eye care meets a commitment to your well-being. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and being your partner in maintaining healthy, vibrant vision.

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